5 Must-Know Tips to Sell Your Home in Winter!

Many sellers think that selling in winter is tough and the fact is there may be less buyers in the market as the year draws to a close. But on the flipside there’s also less homes for sale. That means following a few simple tips and tricks can make your home the pick of the bunch!

1) Keep it cozy

It sounds obvious, but always make sure your home is well heated for viewings. If you’ll be out of the house in the hours before viewings set a timer so your home feels welcoming when viewers arrive. And if you have a fireplace or gas fire consider lighting a fire  – this will make your guests feel instantly at home!

2) Always be cleaning

A clean home is important when selling at any time of year but is even more important during the winter. With potentially lots of family rain gear and clothing cluttering entrance areas make sure you deliver the best first impression.  And don’t forget to clean away any leaves from outside areas and drains.

3) Mood lighting

We all know winter brings with it less light so it’s important to maintain a well-lit house, both inside and out. During the day let in as much light as possible and for night viewings make sure all your bulbs are working in a way that showcases your house to perfection.  And don’t forget about the outside. If your house requires outside lighting always ensure lights are working as this creates the perfect first impression for safety-conscious buyers.

4) Being seasonal is OK

If you’re showing your home around Christmas don’t be afraid to have your festive decorations on show. Remember, buyers want to imagine what it would be like to live in your home, so make them feel as warm and fuzzy as possible. Without being OTT!

5) Baby it’s cold outside!

Your viewers may arrive cold and wet having braved the elements to visit your home. Don’t be afraid to offer them a hot cuppa to warm them up.


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