7 interior lighting tips that will transform your home

We often don’t spend enough time considering how lighting our homes can radically alter the environment. Here’s some tips to help you plan your home lighting.

1) Don’t forget the power of natural light

Your first step when planning lighting for your home should always be natural light. Not only can it transform a room in way that artificial light can’t, it’s also good for you, both physically and mentally. Heavy blinds and curtains are the enemy of natural light. Use lighter fabrics if possible or materials that can be tied back to welcome the outside in.

2) Variety is the light of life

In general it’s always a good idea to have a mixture of lighting at different levels in each room. For example, a basic living room lighting plan should use a combination of ceiling units and lamps at the edges. This makes the room functional while adding ambience.

3) Don’t forget staircases

Staircases are often forgotten about when it comes to light planning. They can often be difficult to light due to their angles and positioning meaning that spotlights don’t work effectively. To avoid this it’s a good idea to use floor level lighting instead. With floor level lighting also comes an added layer of safety.

4) Use dimmers liberally

Dimmers have many benefits, particularly in rooms that are used frequently such as the living room and kitchen. Not only are dimmers functional but they can also reduce energy consumption.

5) Light can make your home bigger

Or at least it can make it appear so. Well-lit walls can make a room appear much larger. Position your lamps carefully throughout your home to achieve this effect.

6) Choose your bulbs wisely

Fluorescent bulbs can negatively affect the appearance of a room and lead to tired eyes. LED light on the other hand has excellent colour rendering as well as being energy efficient with a long life.  You can also direct the light where you want it, meaning no light is wasted!

7) Lighting is about more than function

We all have features or items in our home that we’re proud of and would like to show off such as books, family photos or travel souvenirs. Plan your lighting to bring these items to the fore.


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