Downsizing? Here are our top tips!

Downsizing is part of a natural cycle for many people in Ireland. Here’s our top 5 tips on how to manage your downsizing move.

1) I can’t live without you!

Is that the way you feel about everything on your list of items to take with you? If not then leave them some behind. This is probably the most difficult part of the process, but also the most important. You don’t want clutter in your new, smaller, home so follow this rule to the letter!

2) Floor plans and measurements

Analysing accurate measurements and studying floor plans of your new home will save a lot of pain in the long run. Be realistic. If rooms look tight and items look cramped then work it out in advance before the pressure is on when you move in.

3) Storage is key

Despite how well you follow the point 1, it’s likely that you will still be bringing more items than your new home can comfortably hold. That’s where storage comes in. Ensure you think ahead and plan your storage needs accurately.

4) Focus on multi-functional items

With limited room in your new home, if you’re purchasing new furniture focus on items that serve multiple uses, such as bed-side lockers, seats or benches that incorporate useful storage areas.

5) Fund your move

The benefit of downsizing is that you get to claw back some cash on the items you’re not bringing with you. Give yourself plenty of time to list your items for sale and put any funds towards your move, such as paying for your removal company.

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