A guide to hosting your own viewings

When working with YourBricks, you have the option to host your own viewings. Following just a few simple steps will ensure that you can show your home better than any estate agent ever can.

1) Get your home ready

It goes without saying that a clean and tidy house will show better. Be neutral and ask yourself what would you want to see and not want to see if you were looking to buy your home.

Prepare a list of what you feel are the best features of your home, the garden, conservatory, en-suite etc. Decide what features will really help sell your home and standout from other properties in the same area.

2) Plan your route

Usually it’s best to begin the viewing downstairs in the largest room. Then think about where you want to end the viewing. It’s a good idea to choose a large light room so that prospective buyers can relax and not feel cramped.

3) Know your potential buyers

When you use the YB platform on YourBricks, you will get a breakdown of the financial position of each potential buyer. Understanding this from the outset will help you later on in the process and help you to understand their personal situation and motivations.

4) On the day

First of all relax! You know your home better than anyone. Take your time showing potential buyers around. Stick to your planned route (see above) and avoid rushing. Make sure to point out all of your home’s best features. If for some reason you can’t answer a specific question you can always find out and get back to them later.

Keep the conversation light, listen and learn as much as you can about their experience house-hunting so far and what they are looking for. Then where possible match that with what your home can offer.

5) Local knowledge and highlights

Again this is where you can shine and show your enthusiasm for the local area. Be prepared to talk about how regularly the local trains and buses run and the commute time to the local towns and cities. Local schools are also often a hot topic so show off your knowledge of the best schools in the area.

Where you can really add unique value as the homeowner is talking about the more personal and day-to-day benefits of the local area such as your favourite restaurants, pubs, walks and parks.

6) Second viewings

Interested potential buyers will often request a more in depth second viewing. For second viewings we recommend giving the viewer some space to have a look around by themselves so that they can picture themselves in your home.


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