5 Top Tips To Decorate Your Home This Christmas

Christmas Decoration Tips

Decorating at Christmas is great fun but can be challenging. Here’s our top 5 tips to perfectly decorate your home this Christmas.

1) Get your exterior right.

Going crazy with Christmas lights can look great but it’s also very easy to get carried away, not to mention the electricity bill that will be waiting for you at the end! Try some soft lighting, a wreath and perhaps some lanterns in your front windows to give your home that perfect festive look.

2) Plan your colour scheme.

Every year there seems to be a different colour theme for Christmas and this year will be no different. However take the time to look at what you have first and see what elements you can add to give your home a fresh and modern look. You don’t have to break the bank, taking a quick inventory of what you have and laying out some basic style plan will allow you to add a few more items to complete the perfect look!

3) Make your hall festive.

Isn’t it great when you walk into someone’s home and you immediately get that warm and fuzzy festive feeling? That can be achieved by focussing on your entrance hall. Wreaths and stockings look fantastic hanging from a staircase and if you have the space why not add a small tree. The use of earthy browns and greens can be great in the hallway as your visitors come in from the cold to enjoy your festive welcome!

4) Manage your space.

We all want the Christmas tree to be the centre of attention and the temptation is to go for the biggest tree you can find! But always bear in mind your space.  A small but beautifully decorated tree will look much better than a tree that is squashed into the corner.

5) Make your fireplace come alive.

As much as the tree is the centre piece of a room at Christmas, the fireplace is also a really key consideration for any Christmas decoration plans.

If you have a real fireplace then light a fire to add to that festive feeling. Vases with baubles and some soft lighting will also bring your fireplace to life. But make sure to put the fire out before going to bed on Christmas eve so “you know who” can deliver his gifts for the family!

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