Selling your home in January – let there be light!

January is a great time of year to sell your home. Buyers who have held off from the end of last year are back in the market and looking to get the year off to a fast start.

But in Ireland, selling in winter means preparing your home for sale in the right way and one of the most important challenges is the reduced number of daylight hours. With this in mind, here are some key points to consider:

  • Show your home at the time of the day that maximises natural light. If you get beautiful light through bedroom windows in the morning that may appeal to some prospective buyers whereas afternoon sun in the living room may be best for others. Understand this and plan accordingly.
  • Whatever time of day you are showing your home ensure you have no natural light obstructed by window dressings. Remember in winter months natural light is at a premium so be careful not to add any additional barriers such as thick curtains or heavy blinds.
  • Keep any large items of furniture away from windows, even if it means having to move your furniture around a little. Place only small furniture items in front of your windows to maximise light.
  • Larger rooms with high ceilings can have a slight advantage when it comes to light but don’t forget to make the most of smaller rooms with less natural light. Stage smaller rooms to have a cozy and intimate feel to move the focus away from natural light.
  • If you are really struggling to bring light into a room try placing a mirror opposite a window to reflect the light and bring it deeper into the room.

Remember, no matter what the time of year or weather conditions, with just a little planning and creativity your home can look great to potential buyers all year round!

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