Protecting your home from burglars

No one likes to have their home burgled under any circumstances and not just because it can lead to awkward questions from potential buyers. Here are some tips to keep your house safe.

  • Light up your home when you are out to dissuade would-be intruders. You can use timer-switches to help.
  • Install an alarm. It sounds like the most basic of items but many homes do not have alarms installed. If a burglar has a choice between a house with an alarm and one without their choice is obvious. Don’t make it easy!
  • Outdoor motion sensors are relatively inexpensive but can make a big difference. Make them as large and obvious as possible which may be enough to dissuade a burglar without having to light them up.
  • Leaving the radio on when out might sound expensive but in reality the electricity cost per hour will be fairly negligible and the result can be very effective as a deterrent.
  • If you have particularly vulnerable doors then consider padlocks. Rooms such as conservatories can often be a route in for burglars so make sure they are fully secured.
  • Join your local neighbourhood watch scheme. If there isn’t one already set up in your area can learn more here.


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