Top tips to add value to your property

If you’re planning on putting your home on the market you need to do everything you can to ensure you get the maximum value. Here are top tips on adding value to your property.


Attic conversion.

Converting your attic is the simplest way to add another room to your property, be that a bedroom, bathroom or study. The work itself is not particularly disruptive so it’s a convenient, value-adding strategy. Simply ensure the attic has easy access and you will reap the rewards.


Planning permission

Securing planning permission is one of the cheapest ways to add value to your property. This planning permission could be for an attic or an extension and will immediately spark a buyer’s imagination about the work they can do to customise your property and make it their own.


Convert your garage

Nowadays most garages simply aren’t used, and as a result they are wasted space.  Depending on your property dimensions you can add significantly more habitable space to your property.


Bedroom > Office

Although you may have made use of one of your bedrooms as an office the fact is that in most cases buyers would prefer to see a bedroom rather than an office. Although it’s easy to convert an office to a bedroom remember that many buyers have little imagination so make sure to show them exactly what you think they want to see.


Paint your house

It’s an overused statement, but first impressions are hugely important and buyers start forming opinions the moment they see your property. Ensure the front of your house is freshly painted and clean and stands out in comparison to your neighbours.


Kitchen is key

If you are going to focus on only one room then make it the kitchen. Kitchens are the heartbeat of the home for everything from cooking to entertaining. Ensure that your kitchen is functional, making the best use of available space and that is has up-to-date equipment and fittings.


If you would like more advice on planning for your property sale, then get in touch. 

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